Established in 2016 to provide the California cannabis market with high quality crude, distillate, and boutique cannabis oil products. Arrow Process Manufacturing Inc. and its brand Arrow Process Extracts (also known as A.P.E.) is based out of Santa Cruz, California, manufactures in Hollister, and has managed and consulted in facilities throughout the state




Grown locally out of the cental coast of California Arrow Process Manufacturing’s legacy experience in cannabis oil production will provide your business with only high quality wholesale craft concentratres.   Having manufactured for numerous brands such as Legions of Bloom, the Jack Herer brand, Guild, and many others we have now set out to make our own mark.  The solo arrow.

Beyond our in-house craft oil production our consultation staff can also provide the expertise and guidance necessary to the successful creation of quality cannabis oil in your own facility.  Whatever your needs we are here to help.  Having decades of experience in the California cannabis industry and partners from Humboldt to Southern California you can be confident APM and its brand A.P.E. will consistently deliver.

The Quiver

We assist in the up front design of best in class extraction practices.
We insure that clients are operationally prepared for the manufacturing of first class brands.

Customer charged per the amount of biomass that is brought to APM – Competitive flat fee rate per pound. Per unit production pricing model. Distillates per output gram

Crude, boutique, & distillate to brand and distribution companies

Independent contracting to ensure your extraction facility’s operational excellence

Vape Pens-Pods-Concentrates

Our manufacturing teams are ready to assist you!

• Premium Cannabinoid Extraction Services
• Decades of Cannabis Extraction Experience
• Trusted Partners
• Disciplined Productivity • Advanced Extraction Technology
• High Quality Terpene Rich Extracts



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